Otgol 1616 Cooperative

Otgol 1616 Cooperative to preserve the historical value of Otgol and ensure the continued prosperity of the family.

Otgol 1616 Cooperative is a village enterprise run by descendants of Otgol Village, the oldest village in Daegu, where descendants of the Daeamgong sect of the Gyeongju Choi clan live together.
We are working to revive traditional customs and values and make Otgol Village a place of healing for all tourists.

Hanok stay

Experience the beauty of tradition in a Hanok with breathtaking scenery.

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For friends, for lovers
A night in a contemporary reimagined Hanok

Geumjeon Old House

A night at the birthplace of Geumjeon Choi Jong-eung,
a financier for the Korean Provisional Government's independence movement.

Gyeomheon Old House

A night in an old house that has remained beautiful for over 250 years

Baekbul Old House

A night in a 400-year-old head house of Otgol Village

Hwajeon Old House

A night at the birthplace of Hwajeon Choi In-young,
the 12th generation grandson of Daeam and 7th generation grandson of Baekbulam.

Hanok STAY

A cafe under the pond,

Hanok Cafe MOMI

Cafe Momi is named after the name
"under(Mit) the pond(Mot)",
which is what the villagers used to call it.

Otgol 1616 Traditional Experience

Enjoy a variety of experiences in the village

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Otgol 1616 Calendar

Otgol 1616 Tourist Spots

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